Methuen Memorial
Music Hall

Our annual appeal is sent each November to support and maintain the Methuen Memorial Music Hall and our Great Organ. 

Past appeals have helped us across all aspects:

• Installed a state-of-the-art organ humidification system
• Installed warm toned, energy efficient LED light bulbs throughout the Hall
• Removed decades of dust from the organ case and the Hall’s wall ledges, improving the organ’s appearance and the Hall’s acoustics.
• Presented a Summer Series of 15 organ concerts featuring 20 eminent and emerging organists
• Continued to live stream and record the Summer Series for viewing by subscribers
• Introduced new Summer Series subscription packages for both online and live audiences
• Expanded online sales and at-the-door credit card payments for tickets to all events
• Awarded  Music Scholarships to local high school graduates
• Presented performances of Gilbert & Sullivan’s works by the Methuen Young People’s Theatre
• Presented, in cooperation with Nevins Memorial Library, children’s stories narrated in English and Spanish with organ accompaniment

• Presented  Fall Variety Series with concerts ranging from Organ to Classical Piano, to Voice, to Swing, to Broadway, to Folk, to Christmas

Your donation helps us implement important projects despite rising costs. We hope that you will continue to generously support us in our mission – “To preserve and share the history, grandeur, and experience of The Great Organ and the Hall through musical performances and community outreach.” Together we can continue to bring great music to Methuen and the World. Thank you for your support!

Our appeal continues throughout the year.  You can donate anytime via Paypal or mail your donation, marked annual appeal, to:

Methuen Memorial Music Hall
P.O. Box 463
Methuen, MA 01844