Methuen Memorial
Music Hall

The Base Rental Fee is $1,000 for the Music Hall, with or without use of any of the in place musical instruments; that is, organ, and/or one piano, and/or two pianos.

The Base Rental Fee includes both the wedding rehearsal and the wedding ceremony, each with custodial coverage. An additional rehearsal may be obtained at the rate of one-half the Base Rental Fee. Arrangements must be made in advance with the Rental Coordinator. The rental does not include the services of an organist and/or pianist.

Questions concerning the availability of specific dates and requests for a copy of the Rental Agreement should be directed to:

Janet M. Jaber, Trustee and Rental Coordinator
Methuen Memorial Music Hall, Inc.
205 Forest Street Methuen, Massachusetts 01844-2333

Telephone: (978) 685-1690 or complete the form below

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