Mr. Searles

Mr. Searles“Mr. Searles and the Organ”, by noted organ historian and author James Lewis, is published by The Organ Historical Society Press. The book chronicles Searles’ lifelong interest in pipe organs and the organ company he financed with his vast personal fortune. Prominent in that story is Searles’ most ambitious organ project to acquire, rebuild and house the 1863 “Great Organ” originally in the old Boston Music Hall. The author also describes in detail all the other organs that resulted from Searles’ collaboration with organbuilder James E. Treat. In a 6″ by 9″ paperback format, the book comprises eighty-five pages, twenty-five illustrations and two appendices. “Mr. Searles and the Organ” is a “must have” for all organ enthusiasts.

The book is available at the Music Hall during events sponsored by the Board of Trustees at a price of $15.00. It is also available by mail order at $18.00 each, including shipping by U. S. Postal Service First-Class Mail. Send your order, accompanied by a check made payable to “Methuen Memorial Music Hall, Inc.”, to: “Mr. Searles and the Organ” Methuen Memorial Music Hall, Inc. 38 Chestnut Court North Andover, Massachusetts 01845-5320


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