Methuen Memorial Music Hall East Transept Repair Project

As any property owner knows, an ongoing maintenance program, consistently and conscientiously applied, is essential to insuring the integrity, safety, visual appeal and value of structures and grounds. Inspection, problem identification, root cause analysis, determination of the most effective solution, and the implementation of an effective corrective action plan are all necessary. The challenges of property maintenance are greatly increased when dealing with an old structure. Such is the case with the one hundred year old Methuen Memorial Music Hall. For sometime, we have been experiencing water staining high on the interior wall of the Music Hall’s east transept. Extensive exploratory work was performed to identify the source and path of water infiltration in the east transept. These efforts included both opening up a hole in the plaster wall to probe and photograph the open air space between the brickwork and the internal wall construction; and use of a 120′ lift to externally examine the condition of the brick, masonry, flashing and roofing slates. The report provided by our structural engineer recommended repair or replacement of the copper flashing at the northeast valley of the roof, and repair of the stone construction and masonry at the tops of the transept gables. The following photographs depict the conditions as of early 2010.

Recognizing that if the current situation is not promptly and properly addressed, that the conditions will only worsen, the Music Hall Board of Trustees has contracted with AT & S Masonry, Inc. of Methuen to perform repairs during the early summer of 2010 at a price of $37,500. The extensive work plan, which will require a high-level pipe staging to be erected at the east transept, includes: 1. Repair the flashing on both sides of the east transept gable at the junctions with the slate roof 2. Cut out all the failed mortar joints of the brick on the back side of the gable wall and repoint them 3. Repair the sandstone corners on the back side of the parapet wall 4. Cut out all the failed mortar joints of the sandstone trim elements 5. Clean all the sandstone bands, caps and window trim on the front gable wall The repair work plan has been reviewed and approved by the Methuen Historic District Commission. The Board of Trustees has also applied for a Historic Preservation Grant from the Methuen Festival of Trees, Inc. for partial funding of the repair project. Your financial support to assist in covering the cost of this project would be greatly appreciated. The Methuen Memorial Music Hall, Inc. is a non-profit organization qualified under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to the corporation’s “MMMH Appeal” are gratefully received and are tax deductible as allowed by law. Contributions may be mailed to MMMH Appeal, Methuen Memorial Music Hall, Inc., Post Office Box 463, Methuen, Massachusetts 01844-0463.


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