Special Event Sponsorship

May we ask you to consider becoming a sponsor of one of our special events in the Season? Your support will help to bring internationally-acclaimed musicians to the Merrimack Valley, continuing a rich legacy of performance, entertainment and enrichment at the Music Hall.

A sponsorship will also publicly align you or your enterprise with one of our nation's most prized historical and musical gems.

Your $600 sponsorship will be publicly acknowledged in the following ways:

  • Verbal recognition at the event that you sponsor
  • Prominent statement of your sponsorship in the program handout distributed at the event that you sponsor
  • Recognition signs displayed in the hall at the event that you sponsor
  • Sponsors' names listed in the program handout distributed at all fifteen Wednesday Evening Organ Recitals
  • Your name or enterprise posted on our website (www.mmmh.org)
  • Listing in our newsletter, "MMMH Update", which has over 5,000 recipients
  • 10 tickets that may be used at your sponsored event and/or at any of the fifteen Wednesday Evening Organ Recitals

As a non-profit organization staffed by a volunteer Board of Trustees, we are truly grateful for the support we receive from our patrons and contributors. Generosity from individuals, professionals and corporations allows MMMH to offer world-class music and youth outreach to the general public.

Thank you for your consideration of this unique opportunity.



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