Methuen Memorial Music Hall
192 Broadway, Methuen, Massachusetts

Available Compact Discs recorded at the Methuen Memorial Music Hall

CD-1: A Methuen Mosaic; Susan Armstrong-Ouellette; Bach, Karg-Elert, Titcomb, Peeters, Rimsky-Korsakov, Hannahs, Rheinberger and Bossi [$18.00, postpaid]

CD-2: All Is Bright; Handel and Haydn Society; Grant Llewellyn, conductor; John Finney, organist; Sweelinck, Anonymous, Buxtehude, Praetorius, Cornelius, Walton, Howells, Whitacre, Mathias, Gruber, Higdon, Ives, Pinkham, Rorem, Thomson and Vignieri [$18.00, postpaid]

CD-3: By the Rivers of Babylon; Gloriae Dei Cantores; Elizabeth C. Patterson, conductor; James E. Jordan, Jr., organist; Adler, Thomson, Schoenberg, Loeffler, Starer, Taylor, Near, White, Newbury, Berger and Neswick [$18.00, postpaid]

CD-4: Die Grosse Walcker / Aeolian-Skinner Orgel in der Methuen Memorial Music Hall; Heidi Emmert; Reger, Bach, Rheinberger and Rüdinger [$18.00, postpaid]

CD-5: Forever Methuen; Frederick Hohman; Mozart, Bach, Schumann, Brahms, Franck, Handel, Sowerby and Dupré [$18.00, postpaid]

CD-6: Heard on High - Music for Harp and Organ; Susan Armstrong-Ouellette, organist; Sandra Bitterman, harpist; Rousseau, Handel, Hannahs, Bingham, Pinkham, Paradis, Debussy, Grandjany and Mulet [$18.00, postpaid]

CD-7: Henry Morton Dunham: A Boston Classic; Steven Young; Dunham [$18.00, postpaid]

CD-8: Make His Praise Glorious; Gloriae Dei Cantores; Elizabeth C. Patterson, conductor; James E. Jordan, Jr., organist; Adler, Ives, Hovhaness, Pinkham, Nelson, Starer, Hanson and Thompson [$18.00, postpaid]

CD-9: Mendelssohn at Methuen; Felix Hell; Six Sonatas, Op. 65 [$18.00, postpaid]

CD-10: Peace Be With You; Gloriae Dei Cantores; Elizabeth C. Patterson, conductor; James E. Jordan, Jr., David Chalmers and SharonRose Pfeiffer, organists; Bach: Cantatas, Motets and Organ Works (Double CD Set) [$34.00, postpaid]

CD-11: Permutations of Pot Roast; George Bozeman, Jr.; Bozeman and Dupré [$18.00, postpaid]

CD-12: Rorem: Works for Choir and Organ; Harvard University Choir; Murray Forbes Somerville, director; Carson Cooman, organist [$18.00, postpaid]

CD-13: The Doctrine of Wisdom; Gloriae Dei Cantores; Elizabeth C. Patterson, conductor; James E. Jordan, Jr., organist; Mathias [$18.00, postpaid]

CD-14: The Grand German Organ Tradition; Stefan Kozinski; Bach, Karg-Elert and Reger [$18.00, postpaid]

CD-15: The Great Organ at Methuen; Michael Murray; Bach [$18.00, postpaid]

CD-16: The Great Organ, Methuen Memorial Music Hall; Iain Quinn; Bach, Liszt, Franck, Másson, Josephs and Howard [$18.00, postpaid]

CD-17: The Great Organ of the Methuen Memorial Music Hall; David Mulbury; Liszt [$18.00, postpaid]

CD-18: The Complete Organ Works of Jean Langlais - Volume 6; Ann Labounsky; Talitha koum (Résurrection) Quatre pièces pour orgue, Christmas Carol Hymn Settings for Organ, American Folk-Hymn Settings, Office de la fête de la Sainte-Trinité, Douze Versets (Double CD Set) [$39.00, postpaid]

CD-19: The Complete Organ Works of Jean Langlais - Volume 7; Ann Labounsky; Expressions, Hommage à Frescobaldi, Huit pièces modales, Hommage à Rameau (Double CD Set) [$39.00, postpaid]

The following are Hybrid Super Audio Compact Discs, playable in regular digital stereo on a standard CD player, and in either stereo or multi-channel high-resolution digital on a SACD player.

SACD-1: Hope; Richard Watson, trumpet; Douglas Major, organ; Telemann, Tomasi, Hovhaness, Stephenson, Ewazen, Sommerfeldt, Damase and Vaèkáø [$28.00, postpaid]

SACD-2: Variations on America; Rudolf Innig; Rossini, Buck, Parker, Ives, Wagner and Gershwin [$23.00, postpaid]

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